1 YEAR - aPRIL 20TH 2018

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rhythm of life

Something that started as a way to spend time between Highschool and a unique family situation, John Preston started listening to other DJs from around the world online through live streams or podcasts. After this introduction into Electronic Music, and taking strong influence from Tiesto’s early work, JP started to experiment with both CD mixing as well as various software programs.

Having spent years mixing music, some more focused than others, John Preston’s tastes and style have evolved with the global EDM community, but he always finds comfort and a home mixing Trance.

While not currently performing as a resident DJ, John Preston has played in many venues in San Diego, Orange County, and Hollywood. Today he spends time with music through creating mixed recordings for events and podcasts. Never too disconnected however, an occasional event pops up…


The world is a vast place of natural beauty. While mixing John Preston visualizes environments in a sort of soundscape that paints a picture and tells a story throughout. From big city lights, crashing coastal waves, and sweeping valleys, inspiration is often pulled from the very stage we all live on.