Renewed enthusiasm

Often times life can distract us. Fortunately, there are plenty of experiences, good or bad that cause us to re-focus on what we love. Music has always been a part of my life and no matter how uninvolved I may get at times, I will never be very far from hopping back into a mix.

Recently I had the opportunity to hang out with a long time friend that I never really get to see. This friend is a DJ and Event Producer among other things. One night I happened to send him a text and found out he was headed down to San Diego to host one of his company’s events. When he offered me to tag along, I decided what the hell and jumped in the car! Going down to Hillcrest in San Diego, one of the places I used to DJ, was a great experience and blast from my past. It certainly reminded me why I missed DJing and kind of started a little spark that got me thinking.

Ultimately that spark got me to look back into my website which had fallen off-line. After about a day of work to re-imagine what I wanted the site’s look and feel to be, here we are.

John Olivares