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EDM Effect

The EDM Effect was inspired by his own stories, and those of friends meeting up, and making a day before finally arriving at the club. Each recording in the series is a journey created by the rhythm and vocals of the tracks used in the mix.



The Expression series was created to match the mood of the moment. No matter where we are in life, there is always something to celebrate, and in turn, a reason to express ourselves. Find those moments in live and express yourself through dance and music.


 It’s A Condition

In a way, it’s a human condition that drives us to dance when we hear a rhythmic sound. The whole premise of this series was to harness that condition with various types of dance music, and help motivate an active lifestyle through that music.

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Evolv was created in the midst of a relationship representing the sometimes variable and backwards way feelings of love manifest. This single mix is a collection of EDM tracks that take you through a story of sorts from want, confusion, and ultimate hope for a happier future.